Ali Rehman Khan Clarifies Leaked Video

Ali Rehman Khan Clarifies Leaked Video

Ali Rehman Khan shared clarification of his ill-mannered behaviour towards an employee in a video that recently went viral

Ali Rehman Khan is one of the most celebrated artists in Pakistan. The actor has several films and TV dramas under his belt, some of his most famous ones include Parchi, Janaan and the recently released Heer Maan Ja. Ali is also a huge favourite when it comes to the audience in Pakistan, but time and again, celebrities – be it from whichever part of the world – often land themselves in a bit of a controversy. And this time around, it is Ali who’s gotten himself under the radar.

Ali Rehman Khan posted a video statement and clarified his ill-mannered behaviour towards an employee of McDonald’s, dubbing it as an awareness campaign regarding the VIP culture in Pakistan.

In a leaked video, Ali Rehman was seen screaming at a cashier saying, “Apko pata hai main kaun hoon? Apne kabhi mujhe TV pe dekha hai? Aap employee hain, aapka kaam hai meri baat maan’na." “Janaan” actor revealed that it was just a social experiment that was aimed at spreading awareness about #TumJaantayHoMeinKonHun issue in our society and he is happy with the response which people have shown.

The actor, later in a video clarified his stance on why they staged the incident to get viral to raise awareness on the VIP culture in Pakistan. "We made a video where I was seen bashing an employee at the fast-food chain and I got bashed for it, rightfully so. The video was shared with #TumJaantayHoMeinKonHun. The whole idea was to highlight the difference between the rich and poor in our country.

“I wanted to raise my voice against this VIP culture and I am happy to see people raising their voice against my behaviour”, he said, adding that everyone should also implement on it along with just raising their voices on social media. Earlier, Ali Rehman Khan was seen misbehaving with the cashier of McDonald's who handled the situation politely. The reason behind Ali Rehman Khan getting upset was ascertained, whether the occurrence was real or a publicity stunt.

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