Ali Rehman Khan and Ushna Shah Starrer Bewafa Episode 3 Paints Male Lead into Villain
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Ali Rehman Khan and Ushna Shah Starrer Bewafa Episode 3 Paints Male Lead into Villain

Ali Rehman Khan and Ushna Shah starrer Bewafa had its third episode air recently and here's what we thought

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to review a show like “Bewafa” logically and in an unattached manner.  Subjects like infidelity and cheating are subjects that immediately trigger emotions in the viewer, either allowing them to relate (on some level) to the events unfolding on-screen or simply evoking feelings based on ethics and beliefs.  Regardless, making a viewer sympathize and understand an extramarital affair is an incredibly hard task and it’s rare that the storyline is embraced by the audience.  While “Bewafa” seemed like it was headed on a different path in the first two episodes, with episode 3, “Bewafa” has fallen on a path that – as expected – paints the male lead into a corner as a villain. 

Episode 3 picks up where episode 2 left off with Ahaan (Ali Rehman Khan) feeling badly for how he behaved with Shireen (Ushna Shah).  He visits her home, bringing flowers, and apologizes for yelling at her, to which Shireen burrows into his guilt by saying her actions did not warrant being yelled at in front of the entire staff.  Ahaan agrees and the two part on good terms.  Did her actions warrant that reaction though?  Didn’t they?  Knowing he was a married man and having been brushed off politely by Ahaan in the past, Shireen crossed all boundaries and interfered in Ahaan’s marriage – one that includes a child.  The manner in which Ahaan goes back to being friends with Shireen – and then apologizes when mentioning his wife and “hurting” Shireen is already on a level of being disgusting and indigestible. 

The two quickly go from being acquaintances at work to becoming inseparable, which comes across as odd, because Ahaan has no reason to do this at this conjecture and should understand how bad it looks.  The two go out for private lunches, long drives in Ahaan’s car and Shireen is heard mouthing lines like “What is between us two is between us two, what does anyone else have to do with it?”  If anything, Ahaan’s colleague, who constantly tells him to watch his behavior, is more aware of Ahaan’s collapse in judgement than Ahaan is. 

Ahaan’s mother returns from her vacation and discusses the situation with Kinza (Naveen Waqar) and Ahaan separately.  She has a heart to heart with Ahaan and tries to guide him, telling him that if he has given his wife a reason to doubt him, he should do everything he can to ease her doubts and clear the misunderstanding.  Immediately after this conversation with his mother-in-law, Ahaan happily goes back to texting Shireen – a woman he’s “not having an affair with.”  It also becomes very much evident that Shireen’s sister, Sharmeen (Maira Khan), is a terrible influence on Shireen – who may otherwise be a very nice girl.  However, guided by her wayward, manipulative sister who cannot stand to see others happy, Shireen is quickly headed on a path towards absolutely nothing good.  Sharmeen gaslights her own brother and uses manipulation as a tool to influence people into believing false truths almost as a sport. 


Ahaan and Kinza eventually do make up, but Shireen continues to wiggle her way into his life.  Shireen’s mother, well aware of Sharmeen’s nature, advises Shireen against following the path she’s treading upon on Sharmeen’s advice.  However, it’s clear that Shireen is disillusioned with her lifestyle and parents and actively is seeking a way out – whatever the cost.  Kinza confronts Ahaan about his phone calls and texts with “Mustehsan,” the name he has saved Shireen’s phone number under. 

A positive about this show is the method in which marital fights have been shown.  The arguments between Kinza and Ahaan, their irritation with each other and their way of making up is the most endearing part of this drama.  On the other end, Ahaan’s behavior is disgust-inducing, how he defends his “friendship” with Shireen – a friendship that has already crossed all sorts of emotional boundaries.  How the story unfolds at this point is predictable, but one hopes “Bewafa” is able to offer something new.

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