Ali Gul Pir’s New Song Kar Le Jo Karna Hai Seems Like a Direct Message To Someone

Ali Gul Pir’s New Song Kar Le Jo Karna Hai Seems Like a Direct Message To Someone

Ali Gul Pir’s new track titled Kar Le Jo Karna Hai seems to be a direct message to someone in the film fraternity. Read more below

Ali Gul Pir released his latest rap song in which the singer calls out harassers for doing whatever they want to with their fame and money, but he will always side with the victims

Ali Gul Pir is one Pakistani celebrity who often shares rap scenes based on or around the political or pop culture scenario in Pakistan. This time, however, the singer has tried his hand at yet another song called Karle Jo Karna Hai in which – without mentioning any names – Pir is mocking Ali Zafar.

Pir’s song has also been receiving mixed reviews on social media. While most have been lauding the song and calling it brave, some expressed their disappointment over some of the words which were used. One user wrote, “This is what most of us are are afraid to say. Ali Gul Pir, more power to you brother.”

Another wrote, “The anti-sexual harassment anthem you didn't know you needed, brought to you by Ali Gul Pir.”

One more user commented, “OMG! This is the best thing to come out of 2019! Please give all the awards to Ali Gul Pir for this! Karle jo kerna hai, jeet humari hai!”

Musician Saif Samejo wrote, “This is the power of art. I always say my artists friends to act as artists against the predators, harassers when it comes to #MeToo or even other crimes - Karle Jo Karna Hai – Ali Gul Pir - you have courage and I’m with you against the jerk.”

Another user tweeted, “‘Tera career mai thok dun, mai wo zani (rapist) hoon,’ sab sahi hai par yeh bat achi nai lagi. Rape word ko normalise karne wala rapper? (Everything is okay, but the use of the word rapist and to normalize rape, wasn’t right.) I'm sorry and disappointed. And no, Ali Zafar meri phupi ka beta nai hai (Ali Zafar is not my aunt’s son).”

Ali Zafar has been accused by Meesha Shafi of harassment and while the case is still going on in court, Pir has pointed out some of the tactics that Zafar could be using to protect himself. Making comments such as Zafar asking for awards and award shows so that it makes him look good, Pir also labeled his track as “Channo ki maut” – aiming at Zafar’s number, Channo Ki Aankh. With Karle Jo Karna Hai, Pir is basically telling Zafar to take whatever action he wants to take against him, but that he will always stand with the victims of abuse.

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By Shaheera Anwar
A multimedia journalist who keeps a keen eye on the latest happenings in the world of entertainment and often writes reviews along with opinion pieces on some of the most-talked-about debates