Akshay Kumar's Donation for Coronavirus fight is INR 25 Crore. Twinkle Khanna Reveals Why He Did It

Akshay Kumar's Donation for Coronavirus fight is INR 25 Crore. Twinkle Khanna Reveals Why He Did It

Akshay Kumar donated a massive sum to the PM's relief fund and wife Twinkle Khanna couldn't be more proud of her hubby

Akshay Kumar has always proved to be the ideal citizen and his recent spate of films, heavy on patriotism and public service, has established him as one of the most socially conscious stars. But the superstar is not just limiting his good samaritan side to the screens, he is providing inspiration off screen too. In a move that has won the hearts of his fans, Akshay announced he would donate INR 25 crore to PM Narendra Modi's fund to fight the Coronavirus scare and strengthen the disaster management capacities and help people.

Akshay Kumar announced on his Twitter that all that mattered at this time were the lives of the people and he was hence pledging to donate Rs 25 cores for the noble cause.

Like many of his fans, wife Twinkle Khanna was also immensely proud of Akshay Kumar. And this is what she had to say - that Akshay felt that he had nothing when he started out in Bollywood, so when he was in a position to give back, he wanted to play his part. No wonder she is one happy wife! 

Akshay has also been rather active on his social media the last few days, he has been positing videos to spread awareness about the need for social distancing and staying at home. 

Akshay Kumar who is currently among the most famous and highest-paid actors in the industry is a completely self-made man. This is why that despite being one of the biggest names in Bollywood he has always remained grounded. After doing multiple jobs like waiter, chef, salesman, model, Akshay finally ventured into acting. Being an avid martial arts fan, he was initially an action hero who further made his mark in diverse roles. Today Akshay's name is considered a guarantee of a film’s success. 

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By Saadia Ahmed
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