Akshay Kumar Turns Vegetarian!
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Akshay Kumar Turns Vegetarian!

Akshay Kumar is known to be one of the most fitness-conscious stars of Bollywood. Read on to find out why he has given up meat

Akshay Kumar's favourite dish used to be Chicken Tandoori. We are sorry we have put that sentence in the past tense because Akshay has turned a vegetarian. Needless to say, it is purely for health and fitness reasons.

Akshay has always been a fitness freak and he is known to practise his martial arts regularly. In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that at his age, he is one of the fittest and leanest actors in Bollywood. Keeping in tune with his philosophy, he has given up unhealthy eating practices altogether.

For instance, some time back, he had given up sodium (salt) or at least he had cut down its intake. However, as per a recent report in DNA, he has given up non-vegetarian food as well. "Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar is a teetotaller and a fitness freak. His motto has always been — “Stay fit, stay healthy”.  The latest change which he has made in his routine is, he has turned vegetarian," says the article.

A source told DNA, “Akshay gave up non-vegetarian food four months ago, out of choice.”  The Kesari actor, who turned 50 in 2017, has always spoken of adopting a more holistic lifestyle, and turning vegetarian is, perhaps, a part of that plan."

We are now waiting for an official confirmation from Akshay Kumar who is the typical Punjabi foodie but now will have to make do with salads and greens in his diet!

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