Akshay Kumar to Replace Hrithik Roshan in Farah Khan’s Satte pe Satta Remake?
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Akshay Kumar to Replace Hrithik Roshan in Farah Khan’s Satte pe Satta Remake?

Farah Khan’s Satte pe Satta remake is yet to finalise its lead star

It is pretty much clear now that Hrithik Roshan is  no more a part of  Farah Khan’s remake of  Raj N Sippy’s 1982 semi-hit Satte Pe Satta. Farah is  not  only  altering the  script radicall, she is  apparently now looking at replacing  Hrithik with  none other than Akshay Kumar her old friend, turned  foe turned  friend again.

Farah  and Akshay had collaborated  on  the disastrous Tees Maar Khan in  2010 after she fell out with Shah Rukh Khan over his public dispute with her husband Shrish Kunder. But Tees Maar Khan (even the title was  designed for SRK) was  not a happy experience  for Akshay. The  two  parted ways acrimoniously.  But are now back to being buddies. Such is the way of the industry where there are no permanent friends or enemies. So it’s not surprising that they are now looking at  collaborating again.

Satte Pe Satta is one  of  Akshay Kumar’s  all-time favourite  films (he’s told  me that  personally). Also, while Hrithik  has done a  Bachchan remake  Agneepath, Akshay is yet to try to encore  the mighty Bachchan’s  cinema. Satte Pe Satta would be Akshay’s   first remake  of a  Bachchan starrer, provided he  agrees  to do it.

Incidentally Akshay and Hrithik are neighbours. They  live in the same  high-rise apartment. Last year  Hrithik stepped  in to play mathematician Anand Kumar  when  Akshay declined  the  role. Maybe  it’s time now for Akshay to pay the reverse compliment.

However, both Akshay and Hrithik are on a high in their respective careers. Akshay has been giving one hit after another and his last release Good Newzz, co-starring Kareena Kapoor has proved to be a huge blockbuster. As for Hrithik, he is still riding high on the back to back success of War and Super 30.

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