Akshay Kumar to make Marathi film

Akshay Kumar to make Marathi film

The actor wants to cash in on the regional film market

He's done it before with very little success. We're talking of the box-office dud that was 'Khatta Meetha' starring Akshay Kumar and Trisha, where he played a Maharashtrian man. But this seems to have left Akki undaunted and he's planning a film all over again.

In fact, he's even producing this one under his own banner, Grazing Goat, with Ashwini Yardi. The Marathi film '72 Miles-Ek Pravas', based on Ashok Vatkar's autobiography. Perhaps he'll have a winner in this one. Akshay's adamant to crack the regional scene and recounts a humorous incident which once left him nonplussed. "During a bus journey in Mumbai a long time ago, the conductor told me in Marathi, to move ahead. Since I didn't know Marathi at that time, I just stood there and it annoyed the conductor! I decided to learn the language since it's important to know the language of the place you consider home."

Also on the cards from Akki's production house is a sequel to 'Oh My God' (OMG), starring Paresh Rawal. Considering the fantastic response to the first film, Akki's decided to push the box-office on this one. In his words, "We had a great time making the film and want to take this further. Kanjibhai (Paresh) as a character has become iconic and there is more scope to get him to fight more issues."