Akshay Kumar Slammed for Not Taking Bollywood's Sexism Seriously
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Akshay Kumar Slammed for Not Taking Bollywood's Sexism Seriously

Akshay Kumar has been a part of number of films in the past, however, social media users recently called out some his misogynistic dialogues citing that they promote the objectification of women

When it comes to talking about some of the biggest celebrities, Akshay Kumar is one such celebrity who tops the list. The actor started his career in the late 80s and has many successful films under his name. Akshay's latest release, Housefull 4 has also been crunching big numbers at the box office and he has a very busy schedule lined up for the future. Now, many are aware of Akshay's stance on the #MeToo movement where he initially walked out of Housefull 4 because Sajid Khan - the director at the time - was accused of sexual harassment. The actor also recently took to Twitter to express his disappointment over the rape of Priyanka Reddy in Hyderabad.
While many lauded Akshay for taking a stand, some were surprised as the actor has often portrayed sexist characters in his films and they called him out for it. One user wrote, "'Uski ovaries nikal do. Na mamma banegi, na mia milega. Mamma Mia!' - 'Hey! Kya tum meri tawayaf, oh, wife banogi?' These are dialogues from your film, Housefull 3. You've been okay with them to evoke cheap laughs. Yes, we need stricter laws. But we also need better heroes."

Another added, "Every double-meaning dialogue, item songs with cheap angles, the rest of us dancing to songs with ghatia lyrics in weddings adds to objectification of women, which creates an overall unhealthy environment for females. Heroes, heroines and the public too needs to reflect deeply."

One tweeted, "In his other horrible movie, Jani Dushman, in a scene, Akshay Kumar asks Manisha Koirala to forgive her rapists because 'Tumhari Jaisi khubsurat ladki ko dekh ke mare hue admi ka bhi dil dhadak uthe'. Rich talk coming from a man ok with this kind of a dialog in his script." In an earlier interview, Akshay was also asked to comment on his films promoting misogyny to which he had replied, "A film should be just taken as a film. You come and pay for a ticket and enjoy. Don’t take it so seriously. Playing a negative character doesn’t mean that I’m trying to teach you negative behaviour. I’m an actor. And censor board has passed that, then what is the problem?"

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