Akshay Kumar Reveals He Has Never Read One of Twinkle Khanna's Books!
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Akshay Kumar Reveals He Has Never Read One of Twinkle Khanna's Books!

Akshay Kumar was pictured with Twinkle Khanna and Jeffrey Archer as his wife hit the big sell of 100,000 copies. Akshay Khanna revealed something and we refuse to believe it

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna are probably the coolest and most laid back couples of Bollywood. From their social media camaraderie to their comments on each other’s posts, to making fun of each other publicly, their love and strong bond knows no bounds. The couple finds any opportunity to poke fun at one another and they have truly become a source of inspiration for many who aspire to have a relationship and strong as theirs. Akshay Kumar is known to share goofy pictures and humorous captions but it goes without saying that it is actually his wife, Mrs Funny Bones who is hilarious on social media.

A recent post caption on Akshay Kumar’s Instagram page is proof that he lying big time. Akshay Kumar recently shared a picture on his Instagram which sees him posing with Twinkle Khanna and Jeffrey Archer. Jeffrey Archer is a novelist and his book Kane And Abel celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. The picture therefore featured a Bollywood actor and two authors. He revealed in his caption that he has actually never read one of his wife’s books and we find that rather hard to believe.

“Last evening the wife was celebrating hitting the big 100,000 copies sold of her last book, Pyjamas Are Forgiving and Mr. Jeffrey Archer was celebrating the 40th anniversary of Kane and Abel. And me? Well, I was just hanging around as I have not read his books or hers,” he wrote as his caption which was accompanied with an emoji.

However, if one decides to go back in time, in one of Twinkle Khanna’s interviews in 2015, Twinkle had admitted that Akshay happens to be her editor. "Akshay's input is to remove words... He is my editor," she was quoted saying. With this, we wonder whether Akshay Kumar is simply pulling her leg and giving his fans something to laugh about.

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