Akshay Kumar Responds to Questions on Housefull 4 Box Office Earnings: 'Nobody is Going to Lie for This'
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Akshay Kumar Responds to Questions on Housefull 4 Box Office Earnings: 'Nobody is Going to Lie for This'

Akshay Kumar has denied that the box office figures of his latest release Housefull 4 have been exaggerated. Here’s what the Bollywood star said

Multi-starrer Bollywood comedy, Housefull 4, hit the screens over the pre-Diwali weekend (25th October) and has been doing spectacular business since then, as per the box office reports. However, the Akshay Kumar film has received many negative reviews and more recently, some people have questioned whether the box office earnings have been exaggerated in news reports. During a group interview, the Bollywood star responded to these allegations, saying “nobody is going to lie for this."

When asked whether he was upset about the allegations, Akshay said, "Do I look upset? I am from that era where I have heard a lot of people say a lot of things. But I have never said anything. In my school, I was taught, 'Mind your own business'." When prodded further, the superstar said, "It doesn't make a difference. What will I do? You can talk to theatre owners. You will keep asking me this same question four times to get an answer. The answer is I am not writing all this. These people are writing it. I am not running anything. My point of view is very simple, whatever comes in front of the media as you react to it, I react to it. So, there is nothing new about it."

Akshay further said that Fox Studios, which has produced the film, has ‘big credibility’ as it is a corporate and run from Los Angeles. He added, “We should use our brains. They make films of millions and millions of dollars and for them to increase by three or five nothing will happen. So, let's talk sense. They (Fox Star Studios) are writing it on their own (Twitter) handle and it goes everywhere, they have to report to everyone. Nobody is going to lie this." The actor confirmed that the film had earned INR 137 crore.

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