‘Akshay Kumar Knows My Phone Password!’ Top 15 Quotes from Kareena Kapoor Khan About Social Media
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‘Akshay Kumar Knows My Phone Password!’ Top 15 Quotes from Kareena Kapoor Khan About Social Media

Kareena Kapoor Khan appeared in a webshow with Arbaaz Khan where she talked about social media trolls and gave these interesting tidbits about her social media presence

Kareena Kapoor Khan made some interesting revelations about social media during her appearance on Arbaaz Khan’s webshow “Quick Heal Pinch”. In this show, Arbaaz introduces various mainstream Bollywood celebrities to the comments that are made about them on social media.

Here are top fifteen quotes made by Bebo about social media and her presence on it.

- “I’m not on social media but I know everything what’s happening,” said Kareena Kapoor laughing.

- “I don’t like being in that pressure of sharing my life and my personal pictures on social media,” she said about the pressure of being on social media.

- “I want to behave like a ten year old. What’s the big deal?” she quipped when people said she saw comments about trolls asking her to 'behave her age'.

- “You’re never too thin, you’re never too rich,” she responded when she looked at critical comments about her body.

- “I’d put on 23 kilos. I worked really hard to lose it,” said Kareena about her weight gain post giving birth.

- “People who don’t know you, shouldn’t comment.”

- “I think jealous people comment.”

- "What pinches you?" asked Arbaaz Khan. Kareena responded with, “The ignorance of people”.

- “I feel everyone reads comments. It’s fun na?”

- “They cross the line, especially when it comes to Taimur,” she said. “He’s two years old. Allow him to live his life." Kareena said about considering the idea of hiding Taimur from the paparazzi, “Covering [Taimur] would be more of a mockery."

- “All these comments don’t say anything about me,” said Kareena Kapoor about receiving horrible comments of people about motherhood. “They speak about what those kind of people are. If you’re a mother, bas. You have no life. You’re not supposed to do anything. You can’t go to the gym, you can’t go out, you can’t have friends who are younger than yourself. It just shows the regressive mindset of the people. Instead of appreciating a working mother – the child understands the value of their time and their money. I don’t know why it’s looked down upon. That I’m supposed to cart him around all the time. Women should just hang up their boots and just take care of the child (and the husband) and that’s where you’re respected the most. It’s the most regressive thing ever. But if people choose to do that, great.”

- "Akshay Kumar knows my phone password!"

- "I look at pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio and now Bradley Cooper," she answered about who she stalks on social media.

- "None of the Indian celebrities are interesting on social media."

- “It’s nice to get in touch with the trolls,” she said closing the show.

You can watch the full show here.

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