Akshay Kumar Is Reportedly Playing the Role of PV Sindhu’s Coach in Her Rumored Biopic and Twitter Is Giving the Side-Eye
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Akshay Kumar Is Reportedly Playing the Role of PV Sindhu’s Coach in Her Rumored Biopic and Twitter Is Giving the Side-Eye

Akshay Kumar is one of the highest-paid actors in the Hindi Cinema. He mostly plays the main lead and takes a center stage in screen space and film promotions.

Akshay Kumar is one of the most sought-after actors in the Indian film industry. He has given some of the most successful films on the Box Office. Often Akshay Kumar’s presence in the film guarantees a massive box office collection on the first day. Akshay Kumar has done many films which were about the life of the women and their problems. For example, he played the role of Pad Man who was determined to create a difference in women’s hygiene. He played the role of a scientist Rakesh Dhawan in the film Mission Mangal which is based on the women scientists who led to India’s first interplanetary mission.

Akshay Kumar reportedly playing the role of PV Sindhu’s coach Pulella Gopichand in her rumored biopic

Recently, it was statted that Akshay Kumar will be working in the biopic of PV Sindhu the badminton player who won a Gold Medal for India in the BWF World Championships 2019. PV Sindhu is a hero and her victory brought great joy to the Indians. This likely called for a biopic on the life of the hero. Akshay Kumar will be playing the role of PV Sindhu’s coach Pulella Gopichand if the news is believed to be true.

Akshay Kumar has done many films where the story majorly belongs to the women

Although Akshay Kumar has starred in the stories that revolved around women, allegedly it has always been about him. Be it the film promotion or the screen time, it is Akshay Kumar who gets the bigger space and takes the lead in the film. In fact, Mission Mangal’s the poster was criticized because the main face of it was Akshay Kumar while the main scientists were in the background.

Will PV Sindhu’s biopic be about her or Akshay Kumar?

Although PV Sindhu’s biopic should be all about her, people are a little flustered if the girl playing PV Sindhu will get as much time as Akshay Kumar, as it is mostly about him. Many people also expressed it on social media. According to Vidya Krishnan, the lead role of a women-centric film should be played by a woman.

Another user jokingly said that it was sad Akshay Kumar could not play the role of PV Sindhu.

Many other users also had some similar opinions.

‘Isn't he playing Sindhu's role? How can someone other then him play the lead in a biopic?’

‘Coach will have a bigger screen time :D’

‘Sindhu won’t b in lead now’

Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha and Taapsee Pannu said that it was Akshay who brought the greatest earnings to the film

When the issue of Akshay Kumar getting the central space in ‘Mission Mangal’ was raised, his female colleagues said that it was likely to happen because it was Akshay Kumar who brought the main business on the first day. Even Vidya Balan who has done many women-centric films said that she had no qualms about it as Akshay Kumar was a bigger star. According to Vidya Balan, the earnings of the box office still depends on the male lead. According to her, things might change in the future though.

Sonakshi Sinha and Tapsee Pannu were also seemingly alright with it. According to Sonakshi Sinha, Akshay Kumar was the highest-selling actor in the film and hence deserved a central space.

Taapsee Pannu, however, said that she was glad the people had noticed it. According to Tapsee Pannu, the audiences also need to mature and give the actresses their due share in a film’s opening. For now, it was only Akshay Kumar who would bring the film a big opening on day one.

Akshay Kumar himself said that he did not think about gender roles or any gender getting more due. To him, every character was just a character and he had to do his job. Although the women have started creating their niche in the world through their achievements and have also almost come at par with the men, it is still sad that the women actresses still not get their due and it is always about the male. Although PV Sindhu’s biopic should be more about her, people are fearing that Akshay Kumar will take the center stage.

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