Akshay Kumar Interviews PM Narendra Modi?
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Akshay Kumar Interviews PM Narendra Modi?

Akshay Kumar’s cryptic tweet sent Twitter crazy. Turns out he was interviewing PM Modi in election season

Akshay Kumar created a lot of hullaballoo on Monday evening when he tweeted out a cryptic sentences that he is getting into uncharted territories. Here is his tweet: 

As the Twitterverse went into a tizzy speculating that Akshay is joining politics, the actor was quick to clarify that he doesn't have the ambition to fight an election. Before the below tweet came out, it was widely speculated that Akshay Kumar would fight the elections on a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ticket from a Mumbai seat. The actor is known to be close to the ruling party and has been seen with PM Narendra Modi on several occasions. However, that was never to be.

So what was the uncharted territory Akshay was speaking about? Sources said that it is an interview that prime minister Narendra Modi has granted to Akshay Kumar, a first-of-its-kind interview where the PM has spoken to a Bollywood star, who is acting as a journalist. Incidentally, this has got nothing to do with any film promotions as Akshay is not playing a role of a journalist in any of his upcoming films.

Hindustan Times reported that the actor is referring to a soon-to-be-aired interview he has done with none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is tipped to be the first ever full-length interview that the Prime Minister has given to a non-journalist. “Akshay has known PM Modi for years now and was happy to be invited to do an on-camera conversation with him. Despite this being at the time of a heated political climate, this conversation had nothing to do with politics,” said the source to HT, wishing to stay anonymous.

Akshay has been seen in several patriotic films of late and has been toeing the nationalist line, espoused by the ruling party. His last film Kesari has done great business at the box office.

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