Akshay Kumar holidays with son Aarav
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Akshay Kumar holidays with son Aarav

Guess what plans the dad and son have up their sleeve!

Akshay Kumar has got a new travel partner – son Aarav. And both the men in the Kumar family have left mum Twinkle alone! Well, before your imagination runs wild, let us clarify that there is nothing wrong with the marriage or the household. It's just that Twinkle being pregnant, can't travel this summer which is why both Akshay and Aarav have decided to go off on a father-son bonding vacation.

Sources say that Twinkle is busy supervising the upcoming nursery in their home while living at the nearby JW Marriot Hotel in Juhu. Their annual family vacation was put on hold due to this but the parents didn't want Aarav to miss out on some travel time.

Akshay flew to Malaysia for a two-day shoot for an ad film and decided to take his son with him. After which the duo will fly to Singapore for a seven-day adventure holiday by themselves. Aarav's friends say he's thrilled since this is the first time he won't have an accompanying nanny either! On all the previous Kumar vacations, a nanny was flown along but now that he's 10, dad Akshay can manage to look after Aarav on his own!

The vacation includes lots of outdoor sports which junior khiladi Aarav is looking forward to! A friend of Akshay says, "He really didn't want Aarav to miss out on vacation time before he goes back to school. Akshay went straight into shooting for his home production 'Oh My God' after 'Rowdy Rathore', so he was kind of tired too and needed a break!"

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