Akshay Kumar Gets a Dialogue Coach. This is the Reason

Akshay Kumar Gets a Dialogue Coach. This is the Reason

It is arguably the most challenging role of his career. Akshay Kumar is currently playing  the 12th century warrior-king Prithviraj Chauhan in a film being directed by scholar-filmaker Chandraprakash Dwiwedi. A stickler for authentic historic dramas, Dr Dwiwedi is specially particular about the spoken dialogues in his cinema. For this  purpose, he has got a special dialogue coach on board for Akshay Kumar .

It may be noted that dialogue delivery has never been one of Akshay’s strong  attributes as an  actor. So far his stardom and his  ability to seem convincing in every role have seen him through. Not this  time! Says a source in the know, “Both Aditya Chopra and director Chandraprakash Dwiwedi felt Akshay needed  to work on  the dialogues to make the character look fully credible, and Akshay agreed to do so for the first time.”

No wonder the soothsayers are already predicting a National award for Akshay Kumar. Playing the historical icon  Prithviraj Chauhan and his better-half Sanyukta won’t be a cakewalk for Akshay Kumar and Manushi Chillar, the former Miss India who makes her debut in this film. 

It is reliably learnt that the director Chandraprakash Dwiwedi, known for his factually and emotionally accurate historical serials and feature films, is conducting  a series of workshops with the two  actors before they face the camera.

A source close to  the  director reveals, “Akshay has played only contemporary characters throughout his career, and we are not even going into hi ‘Bala’ act in  Housefull  4. He is excellent at playing the  patriotic card in present times. The same, when transported back by a century would  need a different body language. Even the walk has to be different, something that  Hrithik didn’t understand when he played Akbar in  Ashutosh Gowariker’s  Jodha-Akbar.”

The source says Dr Diwedi aims at  making an authentic historical  and not just a costume drama. “It is easier to mould Manushi Chillar since she has  never faced  the camera. But  Akshay will  have to  work very hard  on his  speech and  body language,” says  the source.

The film is produced by Yash Raj films and is scheduled for a Diwali 2020 release. 

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