Ajay Devgn Birthday Special: 5 Films He Should Have Never Done

Ajay Devgn Birthday Special: 5 Films He Should Have Never Done

Ajay Devgn is a wonderful actor but on his birthday, perhaps he would like to be reminded of the films he should never be seen in!

Every actor, big or small from Dilip Kumar to Anil Dhawan has done his share of duds and super-duds.But Ajay Devgn's turkeys are painfully memorable. Here’s a grimacing look at his worst films.

1.    Dil Hai Betaab(1993): After a resoundingly successful debut in Phool Aur Kante and reasonably sturdy followups in Jigar, Divya Shakti and Platform, Ajay Devgn came up with this  awful  action-adventure-drama directed by K C Bokadia. The brackish concoction starred Vivek Mushran and Pratibha Sinha besides Ajay, both of whom lost  their careers. Ajay survived, Seeing this  film you will wonder how!

2.     Kanoon(1994):  This abominable revenge drama featured Ajay as a one-man army avenging the slaughter  of  his  family in the hands of an evil feudal  lord played by Kiran  Kumar. Kanoon was the only film in his career so far where Devgn was directed by a woman Sushma Shiromanee. His co-star was Urmila Matondkar. He did a much better fllm Deewangee with her. But that too didn’t work.

3.     Gundaraaj (1995): This was the year when Ajay did two films with his future wife Kajol. Between Gundaraaj and Hulchal it was very hard of me to pick the worst film. I finally zeroed  in on Gundaraaj directed by Guddu Dhanoa where Ajay plays a man sent to prison for raping and killing several women.When he is released (it’s not clear how and why he is  still young on release)  Ajay goes on a vendetta spree against his wrongdoers. This was mindless mayhem at its most mindless and stomach churning.

4.     Dil Kya Kare(1999):  Prakash Jha decided to  move away from  political  dramas  to make what he  thought  was  a full-on romantic  drama. Ajay, a very close friend of  Jha, and Kajol became Jha’s guinea pigs in what turned out to be the weirdest love story ever made on Planet Earth. Want to know how it went? Here goes: Kajol meets Ajay on a train when she is attacked by goons. Ajay rescues her and they make  love. Yes!  You read that right. Years later she  turns up at his  doorstep with their child. I  hear  Ajay and Kajol still have good laugh over this one. Come to think of it Dil Kya Kare was funnier than Ishq.Unintentionally, of course.

5.     Main Aisa Hi Hoon(2005): And finally the worst film of  Ajay Devgan’s career. Main Aisa Hi Hoon was a direct and  despicable remake  of Hollywood’s Sean Penn starrer I Am Sam with Ajay playing an autisticfather to a teenaged girl with two women Sushmita Sen and Esha Deol crushing on him as though he were Shah Rukh Khan in My Name Is Khan. Directed by  Harry Baweja  this was an unmitigated disaster  with the frames of  the  film shaking and wobbling  and a giving us a three-hour headache. We should have sued for damages.

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