Ajay Devgan Ko Ghussa Kyo Aata Hai?
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Ajay Devgan Ko Ghussa Kyo Aata Hai?

Actor reprimands his co-star while shooting for Golmaal Returns

Ajay Devgan lost his temper with actress Anjana Sukhani when she could not get her dialogues and expressions right while shooting for Golmaal Returns.
Anjana, who played Anil Kapoor's love interest in Salaam-e-Ishq, kept laughing during a scene, much to Devgan's annoyance.

According to sources, Devgan, Shreyas Talpade and Anjana were shooting for a comedy scene at Film City recently. Although Anjana was supposed to mouth funny dialogues, the scene required her to keep a straight face while saying her lines. However, the actress kept breaking into peals of laughter, thereby messing up the shot.

Initially, Devgan and Shreyas too laughed with her a couple of times but eventually they did not find the situation funny. After five retakes, director Rohit Shetty too lost his cool and asked the actress to laugh to her heart's content and said he would only start shooting once she was through. But even that did not work and the actress invariably started laughing while delivering her dialogues.

After this continued for 14 takes, Devgan and Shreyas really got irritated with her. That's when Devgan finally lost his cool and reprimanded the actress. He warned her that if she did not shoot the scene seriously, they would cut her out of it. And that worked!

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