Ajay and Mugdha Unplugged!

Ajay and Mugdha Unplugged!

The hot new co-stars reveal what their BEST really is...
Ajay and Mugdha  Unplugged!

Ajay Devgn

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Ajay at his best

A lengthy busy line, an initial disturbance in the connection followed by a deep macho voice – we finally get Ajay Devgn on the line. His voice exudes warmth and with no qualms he shares his thoughts on 'All The Best'.

Best thing about having a name change:
I haven't changed my name! [chuckles]. I have dropped an alphabet in the spelling which I was asked to do a few years ago but just got down to doing it now.

Best working partner:
Rohit Shetty and I have a rapport we have built over two decades. And when you have that level of comfort then working with friends just gets better.

Best of co-stars:
Sanjay (Dutt) is a great buddy, Fardeen and I have become good friends and with Bipasha and Mugdha it is a comfortable and sweet relationship.

Best memory of working on All The Best:
During the making of the film, everyone was so used to each other that we did not realise when we finished shooting.

Best proposal would be:
In an overturning car.

Best genre of films:
No favourites. As an actor I would like to do all genres because that keeps me going.

Best way to describe Ajay in the industry:
As an actor I'm fantastic, as a producer I'm good and as a director I have got good reviews – so you tell me!

Best way to describe Ajay as a person:
As a husband I'd like to believe I am very good and as a father I would have to wait for my daughter to grow up so I can ask her that.

"I will always find myself good!"

Only two films old but this model-turned-actress is definitely hard to get! The interview is delayed by an hour but when we finally get her on the line, the wait seems worth it! Extremely apologetic and with more than a spark of enthusiasm, Mugdha Godse shares her witty and honest opinions with Masala! on the best things in her life.

Best way to describe how you feel right now:
Excited, happy and looking forward to everything.

Best thing about All The Best is:
An out and out entertainer – nothing else!

Best similarity between your reel and real character:
I am not as mad and superstitious as my character but I believe in stones too.

Best stone to wear:
I am happy with the yellow sapphire I wear, but would love diamonds.

Best holiday spot:
Goa has always been a favourite, but after the shoot it is even more special.

Best use of a harness:
If my man is equipped with one he can propose to me in an overturned car (laughs out loud).

Best thing about being totally confused:
It got me into modelling and then acting.

Best quality about your own self:
I will always find myself good. It is for you to judge and tell me (giggles).

Best alternate career:
Being a housewife.

Best thing about a man:
A good sense of humour.

Best way to propose:
No drama and straightforward! But the proposal will be incomplete without a huge rock.

Best venue for a truly romantic date:
In the middle of the ocean on a yacht or maybe ship, so we don't drown.

Best before-the-shot tip:
Check my lipstick and then check that my eyebrows aren't drooping.

Best handbag must-haves:
Lip balm and sanitiser.