Airplane Passengers’ Video Clip Goes Viral, Sparks Debate on Reclining Seats

Airplane Passengers’ Video Clip Goes Viral, Sparks Debate on Reclining Seats

Two passengers were spotted in a video, wherein a woman, who had reclined her seat in the plane recorded a man who kept hitting it from behind

Every now and then, a picture or video or meme goes viral on social media. Be it a comment from a celebrity, an awkward photo taken by the paparazzi or a controversy, with the advent of social media and thanks to camera phones – the world quickly finds out what’s happening at the other end of it. Likewise, this time around, an incident has been making rounds on social media, sparking yet another debate. In a video shared on Twitter multiple times, a woman is seen sitting in a plane with her chair reclined which disturbs the person sitting behind her – and he begins to constantly bang her seat. That is also because the man is seated in the last row of the plane and hence, unable to recline his. The video has been shared by many, asking if the man’s behavior was right or wrong.

Here are some of the comments people made:

One wrote: “As the chair reclining debate is in full swing, I thought I would add my view. This recline meant I couldn't get my beer out of my cup holder and the table was right in my stomach, had to put my daughter in the seat or it would have been a horrible 9 hours.”

Another added: “And why are we getting angry at each other about our opinions on seat reclining, instead of taking it out on the real goddamn villains - the airlines that are cramming us into these tiny seats and forcing this ridiculous debate in the first place?”

One shared: “It wouldn't be a debate if airlines thought through the airplane structure and made it so that you had enough space to recline without the seat being right in people's faces.”

Another commented: “It’s a debate because we don’t know what went down before this video was recorded. How do we know he didn’t politely ask her to not recline her seat, she wanted to be a Karen about it and declined, he started pushing her seat outta frustration, and then she started recording?”

One tweeted: “Not everything is a debate. Both sides are not always right. The seat reclines. She shouldn’t be subjected to his immature entitled actions.”

Another wrote: “I’m not seeing the debate either. He is in the wrong. Sure he can annoyed; I’d be too. Of course she can put her seat back if she wants. I don’t recline my seat out of consideration for the person behind me. But if I wanted to I wouldn’t be wrong.”

One shared: “Okay, here’s a novel take on the airplane seat debate, turn around like a decent human being and just ASK THE PERSON if they’re okay with your seat being reclined.”

Another said: “I don’t get what there’s a debate about. You’re allowed to recline the seat you paid for on a flight. You’re not allowed to harass your fellow passenger because you don’t like it. Request a seat change or see if someone is willing to switch. That’s it.”

Comments from either side of the coin were shared on social media platforms, but it seems like the discussion did not come to an end – at least not a productive one. Many argued that you paid for the seat that offers a reclining feature which means that you should be free to use it, while others shared that it was only decent to ask the man sitting behind if it was okay with him to recline the seat. Of course, he would have refused, but there surely was no harm in asking. Which side of the debate are you on? Recline or don’t?

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