Ahad Raza Mir and Osman Khalid Butt’s “Ehd E Wafa” Picks Up Pace As the Boys Branch Off

Ahad Raza Mir and Osman Khalid Butt’s “Ehd E Wafa” Picks Up Pace As the Boys Branch Off

Ahad Raza Mir, Osman Khalid Butt, Ahmed Ali Akbar and Wahaj Ali play four lovable friends in this Hum TV drama – friends that now move towards their individual paths

Ehd E Wafa” is such a show that, after a very long time, families are now sitting as a group on Sundays and watching this drama together.  A show of this nature has not graced Pakistani television screens in a long time.  With a stellar star cast, the show also boasts of a light-hearted theme that steers clear of the typical saas-bahu and marriage tropes.  Revolving around the friendship of four boys, the show last saw “the SSG” land in trouble when indulging in what they thought to be a harmless act.  Episode 4 does not feature Zara Noor Abbas and Alizeh Shah only makes a brief appearance, but that’s because the episode focuses heavily on the conflict that leads to the SSG breaking apart and how the boys set out on their own journeys after college.

The episode opens with Shehryar (Ahmed Ali Akbar) sharing a moment with his father, discussing the circumstances of his possible expulsion.  This scene is endearing to watch as it shows Shehryar’s upbringing through the words of his kind-hearted father and the way he gently explains why Shehryar’s actions were wrong without scolding him.  The actor called in to meet with the Principal, the families are told that in order to protect the boys and their future, they will be sent home for the final month and are allowed to return to take their final board exams.  Shariq (Wahaj Ali) is the exception, as he was not involved in the fight, therefore he is allowed to stay on in the hostel and complete his courses as planned.

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While packing, Shariq fights with Shehryar and Shahzain as the boys blame him for getting off Scott-free, despite being equally as involved in the situation.  Their friendship shines through when Shariq admits that he’s too poor to be able to afford to stand up for his friends and does not want to disappoint his family.  Shahzain softens immediately and Shariq helps the boys pack.  All three actors (Wahaj, Ahmed and Osman) shine in this scene, making the situation seem so real, the emotions raw and the reactions very realistic.  Special mention has to be given to Wahaj Ali’s vulnerable portrayal of Shariq.  When Saad arrives to gather his things, the three try to apologize, but Saad makes it clear that Shahzain overstepped by approaching Dua and slaps him, a moment that changes things for the boys and their friendship.  Ahad Raza Mir and Osman Khalid Butt’s acting deserves a mention, the angst and tension between Saad and Shahzain is intense, powerful, but also painful to watch.

The four head back to their individual homes, greeted by different atmospheres.  Shahzain’s family rejoices at his return to the fold, believing an education is unnecessary with their background.  Captain Faraz instructs Saad to keep the circumstances of his return under wraps with his mother and sister, study hard and ace his exams in the coming month.  Shariq, at the college, and Shehryar, at home, keep their noses in the books and study hard for the approaching exam.  When the day arrives, Saad does not indulge Shariq and Shehryar when they meet at the college and brushes off their friendly banter, saying he’s late.  Ahmed Ali Akbar delivers the line of the episode as Shehryar when he says “Bharam to dekho is ke.  Late ho raha hoon.  Khabrein parhne jaana hai isne?”  Ahmed Ali Akbar’s comedic timing and wit is a highlight of the show.  With this scene, it’s clear that the SSG has split and the lives of the boys are now headed in different directions.

Shahzain does not return to the school to take the exam, choosing instead to follow in his family tradition of landownership and the accompanying politics.  It’s important to note that Shahzain’s demeanor is changing now that he has been distanced from his friends and a side of animosity is revealing itself, as shown when Shahzain shoots a horse for losing a race.  Shahzain is a loyal friend and the toll the split of the SSG has taken on his psyche is becoming apparent and Osman Khalid Butt is doing a brilliant job of showing this change.

The most heartwarming scene of the episode is between Shehryar and his family.  His bandmaster father is seen playing with his band and happily dancing when Shehryar passes at the top of his class.  Saad comes in second, a fact that does not sit well with Captain Faraz, who expected him to come first.  Saad’s family discusses whether he will go the medical route or the army way and while Saad initially seems headed in the medical direction, he changes his mind when he runs into Duaa (Alizeh Shah) at the medical college.  Out of respect, he leaves the college – and will most likely pursue the army path.

With the boys now fragmented and working towards their own individual goals, it will be fun to see how their lives move forward.  With new love interests set to be introduced next week, Zara’s Rani and Osman’s Shahzain coming face to face and Shahzain potentially setting a sinister plan against Saad in motion (hopefully not!), there are only exciting things ahead for fans of “Ehd E Wafa.”

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