'After Shahid, It’s Definitely Tiger For Me': Ahmed Khan
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'After Shahid, It’s Definitely Tiger For Me': Ahmed Khan

Choreographer Ahmed Khan would like to work with Tiger Shroff if it comes down to making a dance film

Choreographer-turned-director Ahmed Khan recently admitted to have upset his long time buddy, Shahid Kapoor on the basis of not being able to make it to his wedding due to work commitments. While this didn’t bode too well with Sasha, we wonder how he’ll feel about Ahmed picking another actor over him in a conversation about dancing, which is something else Shahid is knowingly passionate about. 
In a recent interview with Bollywoodlife.com, Ahmed Khan was asked whether he’d consider making a dance-baced film in the light of the success of ABCD 2, to which he replied no but if he ever did it would feature Tiger Shroff! Well what about Shahid? “Yeah, Shahid is great. He is a very powerful dancer, but Tiger matches him well. After Shahid, it’s definitely Tiger for me. Both are perfectionists. But the best part about Tiger is that he is not trying hard to be perfect. He is very agile and his dance is also a mix of martial arts and acrobatics. That gives him an edge,” says Ahmed.
Well he puts up a good argument 
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