After Rabi Pirzada, Samra Chaudhary's Private Videos Leaked

After Rabi Pirzada, Samra Chaudhary's Private Videos Leaked

Rabi Pirzada’s leaked private videos had been the talk of the town. And now there is the model and actress Samra Chaudhry whose videos have been leaked.

Rabi Pirzada’s case of leaked private videos made rounds on the Pakistani internet. While many people slut-shamed her for making any such videos at all, many people also raised their concerns about the right to privacy of the singer. According to Rabi Pirzada, her videos had been leaked after she sold her old phone in Lahore. She also complained in FIA against this incident and was traumatized due to the shock. Soon after this incident, Rabi Pirzada decided to quit showbiz and find her peace in the religion. She urged the people to stop sharing her videos but unfortunately, this did not stop.

After Rabi Pirzada, it is now Samra Chaudhary whose private videos have been leaked on an international porn website. Lahore-based model and actress Samra Chaudhry has appeared in various commercials in Pakistan/. In the private videos, although Samra Chaudhary’s face is visible the man still remains unidentified as his face was blurred. These videos circulating on the social media websites had been sold to international porn websites by a group based in Lahore. This group based in Lahore allegedly sells private videos to international pornographic websites.

Samra Chaudhary’s spokesperson or agency has not said anything about the news yet.

This has happened in the same days when a pedophile named Sohail Ayaz deported from the UK was arrested in Rawalpindi Pakistan for using the dark web to circulate the child porn images. The man Sohail Ayaz abducted a fourteen-year-old boy and drugged him to make his objectionable videos. He confessed to raping 30 children in the past. Sohail Ayaz was worked with Save the Children organization in the UK and hence this case received great attention. He was arrested from the charity’s headquarters and thousands of child porn images were found at his house in Barking, East London.

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By Saadia Ahmed
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