Adnan Sami's dad passes away
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Adnan Sami's dad passes away

Musician holds wife Sabah responsible

Adnan Sami's father, Arshad Sami Khan, passed away on June 22 at around 2.00pm. He was in coma and died when his liver and kidneys failed.

Adnan is very upset that he could spend only last 15 to 20 minutes with his dad and he blames his wife Sabah for it.

According to Adnan, Sabah created a scene just a few hours before his father's demise. She walked into Adnan's house with a police inspector at 11.00am to collect her belongings from his house.

At that time, Adnan was getting ready to rush to the hospital as the doctors had told him that his father had very few hours to live. Adnan tried to explain this to Sabah and requested her to come some other time. But she refused to budge and continued with the court orders.

As a result Adnan got late and he could spend some minutes only with his dad.

Earlier Adnan's dad was admitted to the hospital also because of Sabah. Adnan said that his father used to stay in the guest room at his flat, but apparently Sabah locked the room and took away the keys.

His father had to then stay in the master bedroom, where the bathroom was a little higher. One night while going to the bathroom, he slipped and fell down and was in coma since then.

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