Adnan Sami Cheered for Wing Commander Abhinandan
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Adnan Sami Cheered for Wing Commander Abhinandan

Adnan Sami cheered very loudly for Wing Commander Abhinandan. Adnan had relinquished his Pakistani citizenship to get Indian citizenship. Ace musician and ex-Pakistani, Adnan states that his loyalty as an Indian is unquestionable

Adnan Sami cheered very loudly for IAF. The ace musician and concert maverick who relinquished his Pakistani antecedents in 2016 to become an Indian citizen faced a lot of backlash from Pakistan. Following the social media ire, Adnan says his loyalty is unquestionable.

Mere liye jeena yahan marna yahan. I may not have been born an Indian. But I am happy to say I’d die an Indian,” says Adnan emotionally, who gets savagely trolled  from across  the border, especially during these time of warlike tension between the two countries.

“I am called every name from spy to traitor," said Adnan. "I prayed in thanks when Wing Commander Abhinandan returned to India. I cheered the loudest for the IAF during their recent air strike against terrorists.”

Recently Pakistani Air Force shot down a MIG-21 from Indian Air Force and captured Wing Commander Abhinandan who was subsequently returned to India. Media was in a frenzy about the capture and release and Adnan Sami had to face a lot of social media ire from Pakistanis.

“God, the trolling that I was subjected to from Pakistan," said the singer. "But those who call me names from Pakistan must understand two things. The IAF attacked terrorists, not civilians. Pakistan should be as concerned about terrorism as India is. Secondly, no matter what happens, I am an Indian now. My loyalty lies with India and nothing can change that. You can troll and abuse me as much as you like from Pakistan. But this is where I belong.”

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