Adivi Sesh: “No Matter What  People Say, Evaru Is  My Biggest hit”
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Adivi Sesh: “No Matter What People Say, Evaru Is My Biggest hit”

Adivi Sesh’s Evaru is similar to the Taapsee Pannu starrer Badla which itself was a copy of a Spanish film

When Adivi Sesh tweeted about Evaru being the  biggest hit of his career there was an immediate backlash from a fraction challenging his  claims, stating that  Goodachari  was a bigger hit. Says Adivi, “That tweet about Goodachari has  now been removed. The fact is the fact. Evaru has crossed the lifetime earnings of Goodachari  in Andhra Pradesh and  Telangana.  It makes me happy and worried. Happy, for obvious reasons.  Worried, because after  four successes, I cannot afford to  disappoint the  audience.”

There was a screening of Evaru in Mumbai on August 28 where  some of  the most eminent critics and filmmakers saw the  film. “And they loved it!” says Adivi. “I was apprehensive about the comparisons with the Hindi film Badla. But  they didn’t seem to find the need to compare  the two films.”

 Adivi’s preparation for his  role as army martyr Sandeep Unni Krishnan begins on  Tuesday. “On Monday is Ganesh Chaturthi. I will gorge on all the festive sweets and then go into a strict diet to  lose  10 kilos. Fans will have less of me to love. But in my case less is always more.”