Aditya Roy Kapur's 'Stardom' Lands Former Bigg Boss Contestant in Trouble
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Aditya Roy Kapur's 'Stardom' Lands Former Bigg Boss Contestant in Trouble

How Aditya Roy Kapur's workout regimen affected former Bigg Boss inmate Asif Azim

The famous Leena Mogre gym in Bandra, Mumbai witnessed a rather bizarre scene a few days ago. A report in a tabloid says tat model and former Bigg Boss contestant Asif Azim, along with his friends, went to the gym at around 10pm. After a while, the group walked up to the reception, complaining that they were facing the consequences of Aditya Roy Kapur’s stardom!

According to reports, Asif claimed that the trainers were not attending to his group because they were star struck by Adi’s presence! Apparently, while Aditya was working out, most trainers at Mogre's gym only had eyes for the young actor and ignored other clients. This did not sit well with not only Asif but other members as well. When the models complained, tempers flared and a heated exchange followed at the reception. A senior staff member was summoned to get the situation under control.

Meanwhile, we hear, Aditya continued with his workout oblivious of the commotion. A source from the gym says, “It became an ugly tussle between the staff and Asif and his group. But thankfully, it didn’t take much time to bring the situation under control.” Though Asif denies this with, “I have a great body, I do not need trainers” the owner, Leena Mogre, reveals, “We took stock of the situation and soon everything was under control.”