Aditya Roy Kapoor Reveals How He Handles Failure
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Aditya Roy Kapoor Reveals How He Handles Failure

Aditya Roy Kapoor reveals his approach to films, failure and acting as a collective process

Aditya Roy Kapoor starred in Karan Johar’s magnum opus Kalank and believes that once a film is done, the actor is out of a job. The actor told PTI in an interview that he doesn't let depression of failure to get the better of him. His performance as Dev Chaudhary in Kalank has gotten him very positive reviews.

"As an actor technically when you are off a film, you are out of a job. An actor goes from job to job. By virtue, acting is an unsure profession. You generally can't have a road map as an actor. It is impossible to decide where will you be in about five years. I don't know where I will be in five months from now. And I believe that is what keeps us on our toes and excited," Aditya told PTI in an interview.

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Getting opportunities to showcase one's acting talent, especially post failures, is hard, but Aditya says it is important to not put the actors in a spot as filmmaking is a team effort. "If a film does not do well there is a certain period when you do feel low. It affects you because you put in a lot of effort. Everybody in the team puts a lot of energy. But again films are a collective process. It is not one person's victory or one person's failure. It is important to keep that in consideration," he adds.

Aditya says that he loves acting so much that the failure of a film doesn't affect him that much.

"What keeps me going is the desire to do it again. Acting is something I love doing. Failure of a film doesn't diminish my love for acting. An opportunity to work with a new director, a new script keeps me excited. I believe one is not going to get anywhere by sitting and planning too much. The point is to keep doing and what will happen will happen," he adds.

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