Zareen Khan Talks About Body-Shaming In Bollywood And The Prejudice That Follows!!
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Zareen Khan Talks About Body-Shaming In Bollywood And The Prejudice That Follows!!

Zareen Khan has had her fair share of struggles and has been shamed and relentlessly bullied for her weight since the beginning of her Bollywood career

While Bollywood actors enjoy a lot of stardom and fame, backlash and trolling also tag along. Similarly, Bollywood actress Zareen Khan has often been trolled and criticized endlessly. First that she was compared to Actress Katrina kaif for the longest time and then for her weight, right after the release of movie Veer opposite superstar Salman Khan. At one point in her life, the actress weighed about 100 kg and was often body shamed. But she says being strong-willed helped her sail past that phase of her life.

In a recent interview, the actress talking about criticism right after her first movie Veer she faced and shares “she had gained weight specifically for her role as a princess in Veer, but when the movie didn’t work for whatever reasons, all the backlash came on me for my weight to my looks.I do not understand the criticism coming my way because I am not from a filmy background where girls are groomed from say the age of 10 that when I am 20, I am all polished and on screen. In 2011, an actress gained weight for a biopic, however, the media didn’t scrutinize her the same way, why was I trashed when I did the same thing, according to Zareen Khan, “ I’m like, whoa, those are like some serious double standards”.

According to the actress Zareen Khan says negative comments never bothered her and, being a strong-willed person, she never felt hesitant to speak her mind. On the film front, after doing bold avatars in movies like Hate Story 3, Aksar 2, Wajah tum ho,the actress is doing a Punjabi Heist action thriller movie Dhaka where she is playing the lead role opposite actor Gippy Garewal.

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