Acclaimed Farzi Cafe to Open Its Doors in Dubai in March
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Acclaimed Farzi Cafe to Open Its Doors in Dubai in March

Massive Restaurants is all set to introduce one of its many critically acclaimed, multi-award winning and genre-defining concepts at City Walk Phase 2

Celebrated chef Jiggs Kalra and Zorawar Kalra of Massive Restaurants are soon bringing the unique gastronomic concept of Farzi Café to Dubai early this year. Internationally recognized and acclaimed restaurant and Farzi Café, which is the winner of numerous awards and acclaim across the country and beyond is now being introduced in the international arena, with its launch in Dubai in an altogether new avatar. The brainchild of Zorawar Kalra, with his impeccable entrepreneurial skills and a genetic love for food, Farzi Café was born as a result of his personal crusade to revolutionize dining out and, more specifically, place Indian cuisine on the global palate permanently.

Says Zorawar Kalra, Founder & Managing Director, Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (India), “Farzi Café is a modern Spice Bistro which has undergone extensive research & development and incorporates cutting edge cooking techniques, such as molecular gastronomy and creative culinary art to craft a one of its kind experience that imbibes all your five senses. The food is global in nature but with a unique progressive Indian twist. Any experience at Farzi is full of unique flavors, textures and combinations and the Dubai menu is going to add a new dimension, which is a World first. For the first time you will experience Arabic influenced global cuisine as well as using progressive cooking techniques and styles, in a never-before-seen way that will bring about new levels of excitement to the cuisine.”

Utilizing the prolific work of Jiggs Kalra, the Mentor and Culinary Director at Massive Restaurants, Farzi Café aims at creating a unique world of culinary illusion.