Abu Dhabi Police Introduce 3 Training Programs to Reduce Black Points

Abu Dhabi Police Introduce 3 Training Programs to Reduce Black Points

Are you looking to reduce black points? Here are 3 training programs introduced by Abu Dhabi police that can help you raise awareness about traffic and driving

Earlier this week on Monday, the Abu Dhabi Police introduced a new programme for motorists of the capital city of United Arab Emirates (UAE) that has been launched to raise awareness about traffic, etiquettes of driving and spreading a good driving culture throughout the city. The awareness drive has been launched in regard to a citizen’s black points and confiscation of their vehicle which will help reduce up to eight black points. The statement issued by the Abu Dhabi Police calls upon drivers who have accumulated the maximum number of black points that are 24 to join the newly introduced awareness classes pertaining to traffic rules.

The authorities concerned with the aforementioned matter relayed that the awareness scheme consists of three training programmes. The first programme will grant drivers a maximum deduction of eight point per year if they pass the course. However, this programme is just for drivers who have earned eight to 23 black points.

Drivers who have earned more than 24 black points and their driving license has been withdrawn can benefit from the second programme by enrolling for classes. However, the third programme has strictly been maintained for motorists who have already received a car confiscation order.

The classes which are being conducted in Arabic, English and Urdu are held at the police's segment for traffic focuses programs in Musaffah, police follow-up segment in Zayed City in Al Dhafra territory and the police follow-up at the 'Morawab Al Qadim' working in Al Ain.

Drivers can call the police administrations line 600566006 or visit their site for more data.

"The preparation projects are an open door for traffic guilty parties to improve their driving conduct, move toward great drivers and consent to the traffic standards and enactment," said a cop. Police said the street wellbeing mindfulness conspire, which was begun two years prior, is helping traffic violators patch their ways and accomplish more noteworthy consistence with street rules.

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