Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah Ranked Among the Safest Cities in the World

Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah Ranked Among the Safest Cities in the World

Abu Dhabi has been ranked as the safest city in the world while Sharjah has taken the fifth spot and Dubai has secured the seventh spot. See the Numbeo survey results below.

Three of the safest cities in the world are in the UAE. Abu Dhabi has been declared the most secure place on earth based on its low crime index of 11.33. Sharjah ranks fifth with a crime index of 16.48 while Dubai has taken the seventh spot with a crime index of 17.02. These rankings were shared by Numbeo, which is a crowd-sourced global database of statistics. The new survey has reviewed a total of 375 cities.



Check out the list of the top ten safest cities and their safety indexes below:

Abu Dhabi, UAE - 88.67
Doha, Qatar - 88.55375
Taipei, Taiwan - 85.80374
Quebec City, Canada - 85.36373
Sharjah, UAE - 83.52372
Zurich, Switzerland - 83.20371
Dubai, UAE - 82.98370
Munich, Germany - 82.65369
Eskisehir, Turkey - 82.45368
Bern, Switzerland - 82.18367

In South Asia, Mangalore is the safest city in India, taking the 37th spot in the list while Islamabad is on the 74th position and is the safest city in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the most unsafe city in the world is Caracas in Venezuela, with a crime index of 84.90.

Dubai Skyline

Dubai Skyline

A study by Numbeo last year also ranked Abu Dhabi as the safest city with 89.3 points while Dubai came sixth with 83.34 points. Several other studies have also ranked the UAE and its cities as the safest in the world. Which? Travel recently voted the UAE the second safest country to visit after Iceland. Abu Dhabi and Dubai also ranked high in the 2019 Safe Cities Index published by The Economist Intelligence Unit. Abu Dhabi scored 79.5 percent and was on the 27th position while Dubai scored 79.1 percent and took the 28th spot. Abu Dhabi and Dubai also had the 11th and 12th spots for personal security.

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By Ayesha Hoda
Ayesha Hoda is a senior communications professional and writer, currently based in Dubai, UAE.