Abhishek Pathak Slams Bala Team For Copying Dialogues, Screenplay And Setting Of His Upcoming Film Ujda Chaman

Abhishek Pathak Slams Bala Team For Copying Dialogues, Screenplay And Setting Of His Upcoming Film Ujda Chaman

Abhishek Pathak revealed he sent a legal notice to the makers of Bala. He said he was promised that the film was not similar and he “bought their words” at the time!

The controversy surrounded upcoming films Ujda Chaman and Bala have been making all the headlines of late. This week, Ayushmann Khurrana – who is starring as the lead in the latter – expressed disappointment at the Abhishek Pathak directorial bearing similarities to his project. Bala features Ayushmann as a young bald man and the film's poster and trailer was eerily similar to Ujda Chaman, where Sunny Singh sports a comparable avatar. Now Abhishek has revealed that he is “saddened to spot similarities” between his feature film and Bala. He went as far to say that changes should have been made to Bala in order to stand out and be original.

“There are some similarities that can be seen between Bala and Ujda Chaman. I don't know what's happening. I came with my trailer on October 1 and they came out with it around October 10," Abhishek said. "So this question should be asked to them that how is it similar? If they had seen my trailer, they should have done something ... at least, change something," he added.

Abhishek said that not only the idea but even the dialogues and screenplay of Bala share an uncanny resemblance to his film. "I know the original film so well and mine is an official remake. People don't know yet, because they are just seeing the trailer, but I know. I can see the glimpses of the original film in the Bala trailer.  So, I was like fine, let the legal team handle it." Pathak said he had sent a notice to Maddock Films when the film was announced. "We are in discussions with my team right now. We had sent them a notice when we bought the rights, early 2019 because even their announcement had come around the same time. I gave them all the documents because their film sounded similar,” he stated. "They said except for the character being bald, nothing is similar and I bought their words. But now that doesn't seem to be the case. Dialogues, situation, everything seems similar and even people have caught onto it,” Abhishek concluded.

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