Abhishek Bachchan Opens Up About his Struggle with Dyslexia
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Abhishek Bachchan Opens Up About his Struggle with Dyslexia

Abhishek Bachchan’s learning disability was first revealed in the 2007 film ‘Taare Zameen Par’

We knew way back in 2007 that Abhishek Bachchan had dyslexia. But we never knew when he was diagnosed and when he himself came to know about it. In 2007, Taare Zameen Par's script boldly declared that Abhishek Bachchan struggled with dyslexia as a child. "Bachpan mein isko bhi padhne likhne mein takleef hoti thi. Lekin ab dekho, kya Dhoom macha raha hai!" Aamir Khan’s character had said in the film while giving an example of how the learning disability need not be an impediment to progress.

Abhishek, who turns 43 today, did not let dyslexia hold him back and rose above his struggles to become a bona fide Bollywood star. At the Mind Rocks India Today Youth Summit in Chennai, he revealed that he was diagnosed at the age of nine, reports India Today.

"I was diagnosed with dyslexia at nine and sent to a European school, but only knew myself as a dyslexic after graduating," he said, adding that, "It's important to recognize the problem in the field of education and this indifference shown to slow learners should be stemmed," Abhishek Bachchan added.

Isn’t it brave of Abhishek to be honest about his childhood problems?