Guess what DJ Abhijeet loves about Dubai? The traffic!




Married or single?

Lived in Dubai for?
Six and half years.

Why are you so into music all the time?

Well, as you know by now, I am totally a music person. Whatever I do - it doesn't really matter if I am on the radio or at a club - the thing I like to do most is play music.

What kind of music do you really like playing?
I like playing all genres of music. As a RJ, I specialise in Desi music and commercial rock, hip hop, r'n'b, house and trance. As a DJ, I'm a totally a people's DJ. I play just about anything from Desi to Arabic music.

What's your opinion about the nightlife in Dubai?

It is growing in leaps and bounds. In one word, MINDBLOWING. And we will always keep it that way. What is the thing you like most about Dubai? The culture. It is truly global. I like the traffic too. Surprised? Because the more there is traffic, more people will listen to me.

What is the thing you dislike most about Dubai?
People can be quite fake here and indulge in a huge lot of backbiting.

What has been your best Dubai memory?

When I first went on air on City 1016. And also performing in front of 16,000 people at Dubai Rain 2006.

Tell us about something crazy that you did here...

I am sure if I am honest you will not print it! So it's best I don't say it...

What was the biggest shock you got out here?

When I touched a live wire which was still plugged in, before a gig.

What do you miss when you are away from Dubai?
The heat!

Where's your favourite restaurant or bar?

I'm always playing somewhere or the other, so every restaurant or bar has its own charm for me.

What's your ideal night out?
Hmmmm....depends on what night you are talking about.

Where do you like to go for a quick weekend trip?
Fujairah at the Miramar Beach Resort and Spa.

Where do you go for a family day out?
My friends are my family here and we always have a good time whenever we catch up.

BurJuman or City Centre?
City Centre.

Skiing or sand duning?

Sand duning and dune bashing.

The Supermarket you will swear by...

Best place for...

A first date: Dinner at the Burj Al Arab helipad (if you can hack it, that is)!

Watching a sunset:
Jumeirah Beach.

Doing shisha:
I do not encourage smoking.

Favourite Dubai phrase?

I love the way everyone greets everyone all the time, saying Salaam Walekum!

Top tip for surviving the city?
Adjustments and plenty more adjustments. That's the tip!

Fave 5

Holiday spot
Maldives and Paris

Marina at the JBH


Burj Al Arab


Sangria, Chai and cool Apple Tango Shots


Denims and a simple, plain white shirt