Aangan: Beautiful yet Flawed

Aangan: Beautiful yet Flawed

Aangan continues to frustrate viewers with only one episode left
Aangan: Beautiful yet Flawed
Aangan still

For readers of the novel, Aangan has been a disappointment since episode 12 onward.  For fans of the actors, the writing has disappointed fans in its inability to allow each actor to shine in their individual roles.  Overall, Aangan has been a beautiful disappointment.  To say Aangan hasn’t been an incredible experience would be dishonest.  Visually, Aangan has been spectacular.  The team of actors all put in their hard work to bring these characters to life and, to an extent, succeeded.  However, again, the writing has let the audience down.  The pace has let the audience down.  The editing has let the audience down.  With such a strong, incredible story, Aangan should have gone down in the books as the next Dastaan; unfortunately, such is not the case.

Episode 25 opens with Jameel receiving a letter from Aaliyah – a letter for Azhar (Jameel’s father).  Jameel visits his father’s grave, visibly mourning and missing his father.  He leaves the letter from Aaliyah with his father.  Ahad Raza Mir’s acting in this scene deserves a round of applause, as the viewer can feel Jameel’s pain through Ahad’s expressions. 

In Pakistan, Aaliyah gets a job as a school teacher.  Ahsan (Shehroze Sabzwari) offers to take her to the site.  During this time period, Ahsan and Aaliyah seemingly begin to form a relationship.  When Aaliyah finds out about Azhar’s death, Ahsan offers his support and comforts her.  Credit has to be given to Mawra – her performance in her scene mourning Azhar is heart-breaking.  

After Azhar’s death, Kareeman Bua suddenly strolls into Asrar’s room and commands him to leave the house now that Azhar is no longer alive.  This scene does not sit well and causes a lot of anger.  How can Kareeman Bua make such a decision without the input of the household?  Even more astounding is when Asrar listens to her words and leaves the house.  Asrar is such a character that readers and viewers alike genuinely care about his well-being. 

Relegated to possibly 5 minutes of screen time, Sajal Aly excels in this episode as Chammi.  Chammi, now a broken woman, is lacking in self-esteem and holds a low opinion of herself, joking that she will take Kareeman Bua’s place in the future.  Despite having only a few moments in the episode, Sajal shines with her performance.  
In the final scene of the episode, Ahsan visits Aaliyah’s home and has a discussion with her mother before proposing to Aaliyah.  Upon hearing the proposal, Aaliyah begins to list all the factors that repel her from him, Ahsan visibly agitated as she speaks.  Essentially labeling Ahsan a crook, Aaliyah refuses his proposal.  Again, this is a scene where the writing seems haphazard.  At no point is the audience given an inkling of Aaliyah’s disdain towards Ahsan, which makes the scene feel entirely unnatural. 
Overall, episode 25 is not a particularly eventful episode.  While the episode provided the viewer with emotional insight into each character, the episode did not pull together to give a clear, neat picture.  With the last episode airing on June 20, 2019, it remains to be seen how the show will wrap up with such little airtime remaining.

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