Aanchal Khurana's Shocker on Shenaaz Gill: Balraj and Ankita used Her'

Aanchal Khurana's Shocker on Shenaaz Gill: Balraj and Ankita used Her'

Aanchal Khurana was the winner of the reality show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge but she has made some startling revelations after the show got over

The drama never ends on Indian reality television. Aanchal Khurana, who was crowned the winner of the Colors TV show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge has made some rather shocking revelations after the show got over. Aanchal had entered as a wildcard contestant and managed to win Bigg Boss contestant Paras Chaabra's heart in a short span. But probably she hadn't counted for the jealousy of other contestants which led to a lot of frictions and altercations. 

"Actually, being in the house a contestant is unaware of what is being edited and shown in the episodes. After coming out when I watched the entire footage, I got to know many facts which I was unaware of while in the house," claimed Aanchal. Aanchal says she had tried to confront Ankita Srivastava which had a repulsive effect with the latter taking it in the wrong spirit and other contestants also chipping in.

"When I spoke about the choices Ankita had in the show, everyone came up on me saying I am character assassinating her. I really respect Shehnaaz Gill that she supported Ankita. But I strongly believe that Balraj and Ankita used the kind heart and innocence of Shehnaaz to make her speak against me. Shehnaaz had a good bond with Balraj so when he defended Ankita, she also supported him. Of late, in an interview, Ankita has said that she never went inside the house for Paras. It is clear from her recent statements that she had come in for Balraj. My point is, why fool around when it could be clearly admitted by her in the first place? I really do not like two-faced people who say something else and do something else. In a recent interview, Ankita also said that Shehnaaz Gill does not love Siddharth and it was a mere friendship. Shehnaaz has been candid enough to admit in front of the whole world that she loves Siddharth. With such statements, Ankita is defaming the very lady who supported her in the show. I am not saying this to take any sides but only and only to support Shehnaaz and Siddharth #SidNaaz" exclaimed Aanchal who recently put up a cryptic instagram post on heartbreak.

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While the show had a premature ending due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, it seems that now since the contestants are out; there would be more skeletons coming out of the closet for certain! In Bigg Boss 13, Shehnaaz courted headlines with her 'love story with Sidharth Shukla while Paras got to be known for his close bond with Mahira Sharma.Thereafter, Shenaaz Gill and Paras joined another reality show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge where they were on a mission to find a suitable life partner through various tasks. 

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