Aamir Khan’s Brother Faissal Khan to Make a Comeback in Bollywood

Faissal Khan was last seen in the disastrous ‘Mela’, with brother Aamir Khan and Twinkle Khanna
Aamir Khan’s Brother Faissal Khan to Make a Comeback in Bollywood
Aamir Khan and Faissal Khan

Faissal Khan -- last seen with his brother Aamir Khan in the film Mela -- is making his comeback again. He now has a new spelling – Faissal – and a whole new outlook. He will be seen in a movie titled Factory in which he will be crooning a romantic song named Ishq Tera. "Factory is my dream project. I was pleasantly surprised when my director Sharique Minhaj suggested that I should be singing this song. He insisted that my voice was required for this number and I had no qualms about singing at all. In fact, growing up in and around films and cinema, the ability to sing just came to me smoothly. Since Ishq Tera is a soft, romantic track it was easy to sing. Having heard the final number, I feel quite proud," he told Bombay Times.

In the photoshoots that he has done with the media, Faissal now looks like a carbon copy of Aamir Khan from his Dil Chahta Hai days.

Faissal Khan

Faissal was previously embroiled in a huge controversy with his brother Aamir and he even went to court against him. It was said that the actor was suffering from mental health issues. However, Aamir took care of him and is now relaunching his career in Bollywood. “It is a new-age film; especially for generation next who are madly obsessed with a one-sided affair and who take wrong decisions which are very immoral. This film's subject is different from the earlier two films we did together. It revolves around a one-sided love affair and the guy goes to all lengths to win his love. He even becomes a bit unhinged. I believe in quality rather than quantity. I listen to the script first before giving my nod. When Sharique narrated the script and my role, I eagerly accepted to do it." Faissal told the publication.

Let’s hope his second innings in Bollywood is better than his first one.