Aamir Khan Walks Out of The Rakesh Sharma Biopic
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Aamir Khan Walks Out of The Rakesh Sharma Biopic

The film was Priyanka Chopra's big Bollywood comeback

The film that was touted to be the big return of Priyanka Chopra on screen, might not see the light of day after all. Aamir Khan was supposed to play the astronaut Rakesh Sharma who brought light onto India's name by becoming the first Indian to go into space.

Considering Aamir and Priyanka have never acted with each other before, fans were looking forward to this collaboration. With creative inputs from Kapil Sharma (not the comedian) the filmmakers son, the project was supposed to be helmed by Priyanka Chopra as Rakesh Sharma's wife and Aamir Khan playing the astronaut.

Much to our disappointment, we have now found out that Aamir has reportedly backed out of the project. A source says, “There were some points of disagreement between him and the creative team.” Aamir was likely to start shooting for the Mahesh Mathai directorial after Thugs of Hindostan. In fact, the producers had even picked Independence Day, 2018, as its release date.

However, with this development many things will change now. Priyanka is still in the project but there is a big question mark over Aamir's involvement. The actor is known to be a very finicky when it comes to the script and it is certain that he won't agree unless the script is as per his liking.

We sure hope things sort out soon and we get to see our favourite stars together!

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