Aamir Khan Patches Up Mohanlal and Mamootty
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Aamir Khan Patches Up Mohanlal and Mamootty

Aamir Khan gets South superstars Mohanlal and Mamootty talking

We all know that Aamir Khan once attempted to play peacemaker between Shah Rukh and Salman and even went to their homes to convince them to patch up after Katrina’s infamous birthday spat!

Now we hear Aamir is at it all over again. This time he’s trying to make peace between two South legends, Mohanlal and Mamootty!

Aamir recently roped in Mohanlal for the promotions of his upcoming show Satyamev Jayate. To resolve the rivalry Aamir made a smart move! To celebrate the occasion, a dinner was held at Mohanlal’s residence in Kochi. All the Malayalam biggies were invited to the event.

Aamir, who was present, took the opportunity to invite Mamootty! People present at the party say, “Aamir got them to meet and Mohanlal and Mamootty greeted each other with warmth!”

We also hear that the megastars sat together and discussed movies and other issues for almost three hours and this has never happened before! Double thumbs up to Aamir for taking this initiative!   

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