Aamir Khan Hints Katrina Kaif Should Marry Salman Khan!
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Aamir Khan Hints Katrina Kaif Should Marry Salman Khan!

The usually diplomatic Aamir Khan put Katrina Kaif in an uncomfortable position when he publicly asked her about marriage to Salman Khan!

Aamir Khan recently managed to put Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and his close buddy Salman Khan in an uncomfortable state. At a press conference when Aamir and Kat were promoting Dhoom 3, he was asked about good friend Salman's never-ending bachelorhood.

Instead of letting the question go, Aamir expressed his wish that his good friend soon ties the knot and settles down. He even told the media, “I have been telling him (Salman) for so long to get married but he is not listening to me. Maybe if someone else (looking at Katrina) requests him, he may agree to it.”

When cornered, Katrina fumbled, smiled, muttered something to Aamir (perhaps pleaded with him not to put her in a spot!) and said, “I really wish I had a good answer for that.”

But it did not stop there, Aamir stumped Katrina again! “Have you ever asked him (Salman)?” This has ruffled a few feathers and a source says that Aamir, knowing about Katrina and Ranbir, should not have put her in this uncomfortable position.

Allegedly, when Salman heard about the incident he too thought it was in poor taste to make such comments in front of the world!

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