A touch of Bollywood Hot 100 style

A touch of Bollywood Hot 100 style

Dubai's uber glam crowd got channeling the best of T'town
A touch of Bollywood Hot 100 style
Sonal Vara Gross at the Hot 100 party

Shilpa Shetty made her debut as a Hot 100 this year and though the Bollywood star couldn't make it to the party the kind of super stylish spirit she embodies was in ample display at the Hot 100 celebrations last night (Feb 23) at Meydan.

Hot 100 Sonal Vara Gross, who's a celebrity party planner wore a gold gown that was very much like a sari - one of Shilpa's fave red carpet choices - to bring a touch of fusion to the party. "I wanted to include a traditional touch to the party, with the modern!" she told us. Shab Rajput, marketing manager from Zuma, wore a sparkling white sari, also channeling the same glam, Indo-Western style. "It's the perfect choice!" she said.

Hot 100 Padma Coram, managing director and partner of The Talent Brokers Entertainment and Events, and her hubby Richard who have hob-nobbed with the likes of Bryan Adams, Elton John and Bollywood star Suniel Shetty loved the vibe of the Hot 100 party, that had all the glamour associated with Mumbai's happening celeb scene.

Sachin Singhal, Executive Director of the radio channel Cool 94.7 FM talked about how the Hot 100 party was the kind Bollywood absolutely loved! Sachin, who's partied with stars like Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and John Abraham, said, "The party is so much fun and has so many of Dubai's beautiful people! It's been the most amazing experience."