A Source Reveals How Kangana's Input Changed The Script of Simran

A Source Reveals How Kangana's Input Changed The Script of Simran

The Simran saga continues..
A Source Reveals How Kangana's Input Changed The Script of Simran

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Simran released over the weekend, and fans have been divided in their opinion about the film. While some absolutely loved the storyline and Kangana’s performance, there were others who pointed our flaws in the script- slamming it for a weak storyline.

The debate on the writing credits for the film, between Apurva and Kangana still stands unresolved, as Asrani recently demanded for the original script to be shown. While we wait to see what the original storyline had in store, a source close to the film, revealed to The Quint- about the impact of Kangana’s input on the film.

The source revealed, “A lot of the dialogues that were written for other characters were finally mouthed by Kangana. This explains why the peripheral characters appear askew. Writer Apurva Asrani had written more depth into the supporting characters, kept the focus on the story and Apurva’s version attempted a deeper emotional connect with the protagonist, Praful. In the film, other characters have either been cut from the scenes or their lines have been mouthed by Kangana herself.” Oops!

He went on to reveal how Kangana re-wrote many scenes, especially the robbery ones, to make them more comical instead of dark and intense.  The film was reportedly meant to be centred around various characters, but according to the source, Kangana changed it around to be focussed entirely on her character. He said, “Apurva Asrani didn't write it as a farce. It was written with humour, but he always maintained a realistic approach. While Kangana’s character is certainly entertaining in the film, her journey is compromised, which is why we enjoyed her character and applaud the feminism Kangana has brought, but we don't feel for her or the story in the second half. And a story where you are excited for the lead, but feel nothing, will never work fully.”

Commenting on the changes ion script, Apurva said, “I just saw the film for the first time today. It’s quite different from what I had imagined, but I don't think I can be objective yet. I'm just happy that people are enjoying it, as a lot of hard work from everyone involved went into it.”

Hmm! While the result of the battle on whose version of the script was better, still stands undecided, we look forward to hearing from Kangana too!