A New Rani of Jhansi is Getting Ready - Radhika Apte!

Yet another actress will play the legendary queen after Kangana Ranaut in Manikarnika
A New Rani of Jhansi is Getting Ready - Radhika Apte!
Radhika Apte

In what appeared  to be direct challenge to Kangana Ranaut,  Radhika Apte is quoted in an interview as saying, “People constantly used to tell me that you can’t play a North Indian, because you are a Maharashtrian. And now, a North Indian is playing Laxmibai. So, why is it the other way around that you have a problem with?”

In fact Radhika Apte is  all set to play  the Rani Of Jhansi in a  bio-pic on  the warrior-princess that  the  supremely gifted  filmmaker Ketan Mehta  is planning to make. It would be  remembered  that Ketan Mehta had earmarked  Kangana to  play the Rani of Jhansi. After almost two years of research and pre-production Kangana took the same project to another producer and director leaving Ketan fuming in the lurch.

It’s payback time now. Radhika could well be riding that  horse into the war-zone soon.

Earlier, we had reported on how several actresses in the past were planning to play Jhani ki Rani. However, the latest one is of course Kangana Ranaut whose Manikarnika has been mired in controversies. The film is set for a January 2019 release