A Journey Through The Finest Kitchens of Dubai

A Journey Through The Finest Kitchens of Dubai

Online media channel Okuloop embarks of a culinary journey

Food always tells a story. It is that wonderful component that brings together people, culture and their respective identities from around the world, creating one melting pot of delightful gastronomy and conversation!

There are very few comforts in this world that can match up a meal that has been lovingly prepared by expert hands. Thus, in a attempt to look beyond the plate in front of us, Kitchens of Dubai delves into the very hearth of the kitchen, taking the audience to the very team that creates the story on each plate.

Kitchens of Dubai is a visual behind-the-scenes journey from the finest kitchens of Dubai, presented to audiences around the world for the first time. It tells an engaging story of the chefs and their team that looks at ingredients, preparation techniques and everything that goes into making that perfect dish. Kitchens of Dubai aims to document the diverse culinary experiences and food trends that have contributed to Dubai’s emergence as a gastronomic destination.

The video series is premiering on the online media channel called Okuloop. Founder of Okuloop, Aasim Shaik states, “Kitchens of Dubai, which showcases the best culinary talents of this region has been developed with the aim to recognize the efforts of the real heroes of the kitchen. The concept has been developed with an aim to look beyond the current style of food-on-plate reviews and provide the consumers a fresh perspective on various food philosophies.”

The first show of the season will be held in the presence of top media and food reviewers at Chamas Churrascaria on Sunday, 12th June. Sous Chef Larissa Mazzoli will demonstrate the role played by three basic elements in Brazilian grilling – water, heat and flavor.

A Journey Through The Finest Kitchens of Dubai











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