A Guy Who Traded $800 Million for Two Pizzas by Mistake!
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A Guy Who Traded $800 Million for Two Pizzas by Mistake!

In the early days of cryptocurrency, Laszlo Hanyecz made a mistake of spending novelty currency on two pizzas

If you think, you’re having a bad day, I suggest you to think again. If you’re one of those who made Bitcoin related mistakes in the past aka never invested in it when the time was right, well, we know of someone who did, in fact, buy Bitcoin back in 2010, which is now worth $8,000 each and spend it on two pizzas. Yes, you heard that right! If you’re from the generation when Bitcoin was a legit currency, you might recall telling yourself that either you know nothing about it or it’s just not worth anything. Well, if you’re from that time, then you might even recall your tech savvy friends advising you to invest in it but you never listened.

Laszlo Hanyecz, or as better known as ‘the Bitcoin pizza guy’ has finally given his first interview after the incident in 2010. Back in the day, when nobody anticipated that 'cryptocurrency' would be a thing, this poor guy made a mistake of spending the novelty currency on two Papa John’s pizza.

Laszlo, a computer programmer from Florida, was the first documented individual in the world to make a purchase of a good with Bitcoin. Just like everyone else, he decided to spend it on food. It cost 10,000 BTC, which was less than a penny at the time.

Post the transaction, the sweet Laszlo even posted a thank you note to student Jeremy Studivant (jercos). "I just want to report that I successfully traded 10,000 bitcoins for pizza. Thanks jercos,” he wrote. However, little did he know that each BTC would be worth $8,000 in the future.

For the first time in 10 years, Hanyecz has spoken to CBS News about it. On the show, Cooper told Laszlo that he spent about $800 million on pizza.

Responding to Cooper, the programmer said "Well, if you look at today's exchange rate."

Copper asked, "Are there nights you wake up, where you think, 'I could have had $800 million... if I hadn't bought those pizzas?'" Disappointed Laszlo said, "I think thinking like that is... not really good for me,"

Last year, Laszlo spoke Coin Telegraph and said he doesn’t regret about it.

He said: "I don't regret it. I think that it's great that I got to be part of the early history of Bitcoin in that way, and people know about the pizza and it's an interesting story because everybody can kind of relate to that and be - "Oh my God, you spent all of that money!"

He further added: "I didn't think it would get as popular as it has, but it's gotten to be a really catchy story for people."

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