A different kind of plastic

A different kind of plastic

While stars down the years have indulged in a bit of nip and tuck

While stars down the years have indulged in a bit of nip and tuck, so far it has always been done on the sly. But now more and more stars are being rather open about being in favour of getting some work done. Must be a sign of the times...

Minissha Lamba

"In our profession, we have to look our best, and we face criticism if we don't. So I believe there is nothing wrong with plastic surgery; after all it is just an extreme extension of makeup, which is an artificial substance to enhance our looks too."

Chunkey Pandey

"I haven't gone in for plastic surgery yet. But I hope to get it done next year." And what would he change? Apparently the bags under his eyes and his wrinkles. However there are some things he will not tamper with. Chunkey says, "You see so many lady-boys in Bangkok who have even removed their Adam's apple. I don't need any breast implants as I am on the other side of the fence." Well, that should answer all you folks out there (whoever you are), who were having any doubts about which side of the fence Chunkey belonged to.

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