All the characters have a common feeling of being stuck just short of making it in life

Kunal Khemu

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Cast: Kunal Khemu, Soha Ali Khan, Boman Irani, Cyrus Broacha, Simone Singh, Mahesh Manjrekar, Vinod Khanna

Director: Raj Nidimoru, Krishna DK

"99" is an original story inspired by real events. It is as much "What could have been" as it is "What really happened." In other words, it is historical fiction - fiction being the keyword. It spans a few genres; it is slick, fast-paced, realistic and very funny.

In this "smart comedy" set in 1999, all the characters have a common feeling of being stuck at 99 in life - just one short of a 'century' - that elusive thing called "making it'' in life!

"99" is an unpredictable and hilarious ride spread over two cities with colourful characters, unbelievable circumstances, small-time crooks, big-time conspiracies, fateful car crashes, loads of coffee, a briefcase full of money and a budding romance.

The characters:

Kunal Khemu: Sachin
Sachin is full of big ideas. The problem is implementation. And his well-rounded buddy Zaramud is not helping either. Actually, he's making it worse.

Soha Ali Khan: Pooja
One first look, she is your typical Delhi girl. And like Delhi girls go, they are either Pooja or Neha. But this vibrant Pooja has a side that not many have seen so far. And it's pretty wild!

Boman Irani: Rahul
Rahul is an ordinary guy with a pretty ordinary job. He has one extraordinary quality though: he always has the luck of the draw. He thinks he has figured out how luck works! But lately, he's not sure anymore.

Cyrus Broacha: Zaramud
Zaramud is a bit of contradiction. Despite the impression he gives, he knows a lot. But since he isn't most tactful or loaded with commonsense, he lands himself and Sachin into trouble far too many times.

Vinod Khanna: JC
JC likes to live big. And likes his stakes big too. To top that, he has to have an edge over everyone and everything he deals with. By hook or by crook.