8 Bollywood Actresses That Will Inspire You to Be More Confident In Yourself

8 Bollywood Actresses That Will Inspire You to Be More Confident In Yourself

Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and other Bollywood actresses have often spoken about the importance of being confident. See their quotes below.
8 Bollywood Actresses That Will Inspire You to Be More Confident In Yourself
Priyanka Chopra

Many Bollywood actresses seem to have it all: good looks, great sense of style and fashion, growing careers, successful relationships, the ability to influence a large number of people and the list goes on. One quality connecting all these women -- apart from hard work -- is confidence. These amazing women have admitted during various interviews and media interactions that one of the main reasons behind their incredible success is their self-belief and high self-esteem, which they have worked on continuously, in order to achieve the star status they currently enjoy.

Here is a collection of quotes by leading Bollywood ladies that will inspire you to also be more confident in your life:

Priyanka Chopra

"I come from a really small town called Bareilly in India. If I can sit here today doing this interview, talking about an international TV show and almost 50 Hindi movies behind me, it can happen for anyone. I had major self-esteem issues growing up and was always very nervous and scared as a kid. I was bullied in school. But I got up one day and said, 'Enough.'  The colour of my skin, the hair I have — there are so many things about me that may not be conventional. But as soon as I chose to own it and walk out the door wearing confidence, people looked at me differently."

Deepika Padukone

“Never lose focus of what you want for yourself. People will try and pull you down. There might be things in your life, which will deter your confidence. There might be days when you want to break down; there could be days when you feel like giving up. It’s extremely important to be emotionally strong and be focused. Do it your own way. And don’t be afraid of making mistakes.”

Katrina Kaif

“If you don’t have confidence in your abilities you can’t get ahead, and at the same time, the more successful you become, the more confident you get. Well, I agree that confidence is key to who you are. But, it’s not something that you can acquire overnight. As you work your way up, you realise what your strengths are and you build on them and your confidence grows with it.”

Kareena Kapoor Khan

“Beauty is confidence. I strongly believe that highlighting your positives and playing on your strengths is the key to looking beautiful.”

Vidya Balan

“I’ve grown in confidence. As you grow in age and experience and you see success, your confidence grows. One of the most invaluable gifts my parents have given both my sister and me is the freedom to be ourselves and that confidence comes from there.”

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja

“Aspire to confidence. Aspire to feeling pretty and carefree and happy, without needing to look any specific way.”

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

“I am human and I am very sensitive, so of course it hurts when there is someone out there criticising you. You work to do your best, you work to receive appreciation. It definitely hurts me lesser today because with time and experience I have learned to reduce the negativity and truly recognise the positivity in life which is so much more.”

Sushmita Sen

“By the time I touched 40, I could finally say I don’t know myself and I am very happy to keep finding me out every single day. I don’t have to reach anywhere. Every day is new for me and I am very adaptable to that change.”

Kriti Sanon

“Wear your confidence: You don't have to go looking for that perfect ensemble – rather dress smarter and sharper. Whether it's quirky or easygoing, I believe in letting your personal style reflect in your clothes, accessories, shoes and bags. Undoubtedly, it will make you feel more comfortable. And who knows, your watch or your jacket may just catch someone's interest - enough to spark a new connection. Stand tall literally: Your posture has a major effect on how you carry  yourself mentally. To communicate confidence, you can do something as simple as sitting up straight. If you want to look self-assured and smart, make sure you walk upright, shoulders pulled back and chin-up. This may take some practice, but trust me, it's absolutely worth it. And this one's not a tall tale.”

So there you have it! If you're ever in one of those inevitable moments of feeling really down about yourself, just remind yourself that everyone has those days and it's all about restoring confidence in yourself.

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