7 Reasons Why Simmba May Be 2018’s Last Blockbuster

Simmba has released in the UAE today
7  Reasons Why  Simmba May Be  2018’s Last Blockbuster

1.     It’s the year of Ranveer Singh. He started  2018 with the super-blockbuster Padmaavat. He must end the year with another blockbuster.  It’s what the stars foretell.

2.     This is Ranveer’s first post-marriage film. And boy, is he excited. Apparently, he has asked his new buddy  Rohit Shetty to have the first full-fledged screening of  Simmba for Deepika and her family, and his family.  “Ranveer wants to sit down with his new wife and watch her reactions to his onscreen antics,” a source giggles.

3.     This is  Ranveer’s first full-fledged action film. He has practised hard to get the kicks and chops right. Sources close to the film say the stunts are all done by Mr Enthusiasm himself. And really, we haven’t had a  full-on action film in a  while.

4.     Simmba is a first on many levels for Ranveer. This is the first time he plays a character who undergoes a change of heart in the course of a film. So far  Ranveer has only played the unapologetic rogue/tyrant/philanderer.

5.     Ranveer ‘Simmba’ Singh comes face to face with  Ajay ‘Singham’ Devgan. Apparently, what was only meant to be a guest appearance for Devgan has turned into a full-fledged part. Devgan not only plays Ranveer’s mentor he also plays an important part in the film.

6.     Then there is lucky Sara Ali Khan.  Her debut film has turned out to be much bigger than expected. Simmba puts her in a different environment altogether.

7.     Christmas releases seldom fail. Ask Aamir Khan.