7 Reasons Why Akshay Kumar's 'Kesari' Has Blockbuster Written All Over It
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7 Reasons Why Akshay Kumar's 'Kesari' Has Blockbuster Written All Over It

Akshay Kumar's film 'Kesari' is set to release on March 21 and this is why it has blockbuster written all over it. Subhash K Jha explores why 'Kesari' is going to be a hit

Akshay Kumar's film Kesari is set to release this week. The film is based on the Battle of Saragarhi which was fought between Sikh soldiers and Afghan invaders. Akshay Kumar has adorned the Sikh turban to portray this role and it is a war film depicting a powerful tale.

1.     Akshay Kumar in a turban never fails. Do recall Singh In Kinng and its unofficial sequel Sing Is Bling (whatever that meant). Akshay says he feels very special when  playing a Sardarji. Surely, the feeling is shared by the audience as well.

2.     Akshay plays a true-life Sikh warrior who  defended our country against a massive Afghani invasion. This hitherto-unfilmed episode of Indian history was to be made  with  Sanjay Dutt in  the lead by  director Raj Kumar Santoshi. It fell through. Later Salman Khan  was also associated with the project as  a producer. That  didn’t work out either. More the hurdles, the sweeter the fruits of success.

3.     2019 is a year of tremendous  success. 9 out of  the releases so far are declared  hits with Uri crossing the box office collection of  almost every blockbuster. Patriotism is clearly the big selling-point at the boxoffice. And if you add Akshay Kumar to it you just can’t go wrong.

4.     The past weekend went horribly wrong at  the box office. All the four films released on March 15 were miserable flops. The dark week can be seen as the precursor to  the  bright light to come.

5.     Because it is Akshay  Kumar. When was the last time he had a flop? Akshay as an instinctive feel for what works at the boxoffice. It isn’t about flogging the formula. It is about discovering fresh insights in timeworn stories.

6.     Director Anurag Singh has done some amazing work in Punjabi with Diljit Dosanjh. With Akshay  Kumar comes Anurag’s biggest litmus test. Never has Anurag directed anything so big. The sheer scale of the film with battle scenes that feature thousands, makes Kesari an epic effort even before release.

7.     Ah, and one more thing. Akshay pairs up with Parineeti Chopra for the first time. Parineeti’s character gets her name from her globally feted cousin who at one time  was Akshay’s favourite co-star. Is  Priyanka flattered?

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